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Gain access to Corporate Jet Aviation's more than 20 years of professional services experience during your next aircraft transaction. Benefit from our trusted relationships built over decades with dependable buyers, maintenance inspection and repair facilities, legal and tax implication advisors, global marketing and strategic negotiating.

The mechanical motions of a transaction may appear predictable. Harder to place into words but an equally important component to ensuring a successful transaction, is our practical ability to read nuanced twists and turns as well as spotting subtleties that develop throughout a deal. Continuous radar scanning to notice small, often overlooked nuances can be paramount in holding a deal together and ensuring your deal is successful from day one to the closing call.

Experts in monitoring and tracking quantifiable market data, global marketing, complex transaction requirements and documentation preparation are key deliverables CJA provide bot our listing and acquisition clients.

Buying An Aircraft

When it comes to purchasing a new or preowned aircraft, Corporate Jet Aviation is a trusted partner. We begin by probing what your operational needs and expectations are, explain the financial costs and expenses associated to each specific model in detail, then source options for the right fit aircraft to meet your goals. Our comprehensive and rigorous aircraft procurement process means we know where to look -and what to look for, ensuring the end result is one we can both be proud of.

An experienced provider of both new and used aircraft. In reality, buying planes for our clients accounts for more than half of our firm's activity.  From first-time jet owners to Fortune 100 private flight departments, we represent the full gamut of Buyers.

Selling An Aircraft

We welcome representing your hard earned aircraft back on the market for sale and provide you the most favorable outcome achievable. In collaborative conversation with you and your team, we begin with quantifying the value of your aircraft based on your specific aircrafts condition, enrolled programs, options, upgrades, pedigree and location in it's maintenance lifecycle against all other available models on market. In concert, we anticipate shifting market dynamics, deploy forceful pricing tactics, monitor rival aircraft, and attract the most eligible global purchasers for your aircraft. When you advertise your aircraft for sale with Corporate Jet Aviation, we'll work to get the best possible price, favorable terms and minimize time on market.

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